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How Music Can Help People with Alzheimer’s

Tips for Dealing with a Dementia Patient Who Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath

Caregiver Stress: Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Ideas for Fun Activities for the Elderly

Dementia – What is it?

Sundowning – Symptoms, Triggers, Strategies

What is Alzheimer’s?

The Alzheimer’s Association

Teepa Snow – A Leading Educator on Dementia

The Dragon Story – Helping Children Understand Alz

Helpful Resources for the Patient

Alzheimer’s Activities & Manipulatives

Adult Coloring Books

Colored Pencils

Baby Doll 

Picture Book – It’s a Zoo Out There

Picture Book – Baby Love

Inexpensive Wireless Headphones

Pill Organizer with Reminder

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Fighting Alzheimer’s with Food

Alz has taken his Memories but not his Love for God’s Word

FDA Issues Warning to those Touting Supplements as Cure for Alz

The BOLD Act for Alzheimer’s PASSED

An Experimental Drug Could Help Fight Memory Loss

Alzheimer’s Added as Qualifier for Medical Marijuana

New Alzheimer’s Vaccine May Cut Dementia Cases in Half

Finding a New Way to Attack Alzheimer’s

Importance of Planning

Alzheimer’s Impacts Countless People, Families

Families’ Best Defense is Early Planning

Stem Cell Research Lifts Hope

Life in Balance

What are the Symptoms of Early Onset Alz?

Yes, Too Much Sugar is Bad for our Health

Life Plan Communities Thrive Through Connectedness

4 Factors Associated with Dementia Risk

New Molecule May Stop Alzheimer’s From Spreading

Top 5 Alzheimer’s and Dementia Questions

Alzheimer’s Patients Remember and Enjoy Music

Facing Financial Reality

Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Before it’s Too Late

’60 Minutes’ Airs Unprecedented Video Study on the Progression of ALZ

Air Pollution May Cause Early Signs of Alz

Simple Blood Test May Detect Alz

Alzheimer’s Drug Trials Keep Failing

Thought Leaders Want Alz at the Top of G20 Agenda

Lack of Sleep May be Linked

Alzheimer’s Q&A – The Six R’s

Researchers Find Genetic Cause for Alz, Possible Method to Reverse It

Just One Night of Bad Sleep Increases Alz Protein

Scientists Push Plan to Change How Researchers Define Alz

Ketosis and Memory in Cognitively-Impaired Adults

Stolen Memories

Older Adults Can Still Grow New Brain Cells

New Test for Alzheimer’s Gives Hope for Early Detection

How to Talk With Kids About Alz

New Mexico will be Hit Hard in Surge of Alzheimer’s

How to Choose a Memory Care Home

Governor Scott Walker Signs Alz Bills into Law

Aerobic Exercise May Mildly Delay Alz

Is it Alz or Just Old Age?

Pharma Giant Pfizer Pulls Out of Alz Research

PFAC Partners with Alz Association to Make Art Matter

Fit Women Mostly Escaped Alzheimer’s

How Daytime Sleepiness May Raise Alz Risk

Alzheimer’s Blood Test Detects Disease Decades Before Symptoms, Aiding Drug Search

Aerobic Exercise Slows Cognitive Decline

Millennials Struggle as Caregivers

Prevent Alzheimer’s – Start Young

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Study Finds Link Between Physical Fitness and Brain Health

High-Protein Diet Reduces Alzheimer’s Disease Risk in Older Adults, Study Finds

Marine at Risk for Early Onset Alzheimers

The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimers

What is Dementia?