My Naomi

My Naomi was young at heart, and that youthfulness must have spilled over to her good looks. She loved to laugh….I wonder now…could this have been her secret remedy against wrinkles and frown lines? It’s possible, of course, since laughter is the best medicine after all! She was active, always busy, and took very good care of herself.


My Naomi was a lover of Jesus, a hard worker, a fantastic cook, a fluent Spanish-speaker, a corny joke-teller, a great organizer, a back porch rocker, a voracious reader, a birdwatcher, an encourager, a restaurateur, a genius, a survivor, a flower-admirer, a defender of the unborn, a generous person…and not just of her own resources, but of her very self…and she loved homemade tacos and all things sparkly.


My Naomi loved entertaining and could do so with ease…even if the guest list was made up of royal dignitaries, and the menu a new and fancy cuisine. She was most comfortable, however, serving enchiladas and tacos to family and friends. No matter the menu or the guest list, the table most always held extra place settings for those who might unexpectedly show up. All left well-fed, entertained and encouraged.


My Naomi and her husband of 60 years were the perfect match, from the day he noticed a young girl selling popcorn at the movies! Over the following years, she set the example for many of us – family and friends, even strangers –of how to be a “wife of noble character”. She loved her family, and when people asked what was on her bucket list…My Naomi simply said “time with my family”. That is what she cared most about. She was mother to three, grandmother to many, great-grandmother to others, and loved by even more.


My Naomi never failed to ask about Mom and Dad…how their journey through Alzheimer’s was going. She cared deeply for them and cried with me many times. When I started writing my book, she encouraged me, asking me often, “When will the book be finished?!” Writing a book is a process…I couldn’t hurry it up, but I did want her to read it! Finally, on one of her last hospital stays, I sat beside her bed and read aloud to her all of Dancing Around the Chaos from my phone. She never saw the finished product, but she was the first one to hear the entire story, front to back. She cried, and she laughed. She said it made her wish that she and Mom had been close friends. My Naomi and I were kindred spirits of sorts, so her “job well done” meant so much more to me than she could’ve known.


Last year’s birthday celebration was fantastic…the entire family was there, and My Naomi’s favorite meal was served – hot dogs! Truly, this woman ate some fancy meals in her life, but her all-time favorite was hot dogs, especially if they were a little blackened and had a bit of sauerkraut, mustard and chopped onion on them! We celebrated life that day!

It was just a few days after the birthday celebration that she moved to her heavenly home. We weren’t ready to say goodbye, but many new memories had just been made on her birthday. The pictures taken that day captured joy on all faces, young and old, and we felt thankful, once again, for the assurance of meeting again one day.


I have thought many times, when I’ve heard the story of Naomi and Ruth…Ann Bevers is My Naomi. I know in my heart that, if the same thing had happened to us…if Ann’s husband had passed away, followed by her two sons…I would’ve stayed with her…even if it meant moving to a strange, new land. She is my Naomi.

Happy Birthday My Naomi, Tracie

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”  Proverbs 31:25

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Even if you’ve read the book of Ruth before, spend just a few (less than ten) minutes here (see link below). This is well worth your time.

Book of Ruth by The Bible Project

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  1. Oh so precious- thank you, for sharing your love and your gift of writing about this incredible woman we both know and love. I love you, sister.

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