And the Things of Earth…

Things are so different today than they were a year ago, don’t you think? Who would’ve ever guessed what all would be happening now? If someone had told us what our future held, we would not have believed it….global pandemic, families confined to their homes, churches and schools closed as well as stores and restaurants, freeways deserted….and the elderly separated from family and friends…some confined to a single room. It sounds almost like science fiction.

And the things of earth…

My parents are no longer here, so I can only imagine what it must be like to only visit with your loved one through a window…not able to offer a hug or even a simple touch. Some of you may be confined to your home or theirs…weary with masks and gloves shielding all from an unwelcome virus. I know your burden is heavy.

Thinking on these things recently, these song lyrics came to mind…“and the things of earth will grow strangely dim…in the light of His glory and grace…” Right now, the things of earth are enormous, and the load we bear is heavy. One day, thankfully, these things will be so, so tiny, distant and insignificant, and we will understand that “not everything in this life has a happy ending, but this life is not the end of the story” (Rick Warren).

My own journey through Alzheimer’s taught me much about these things. I didn’t want to go down that road and fought it, tooth and nail, but I am so thankful now for many lessons learned along the way…mostly about spending precious time wisely. When my Alz Journey ended, my Cancer Journey began…continuing to teach me, and I find myself asking often…am I being a good steward of this precious time?

Be encouraged. Reach out to others who need support. Say “yes” to people who want to help you. And as the songs says, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”.

I will always have a heart for those doing battle with Alzheimer’s, but I know encouragement takes many forms and certainly isn’t only delivered via a blog. Years ago when I began my Alz Journey, I couldn’t find the resources I needed, but now, thankfully, there are many good blogs, books and support groups. So, I do believe this blog has served its purpose, and I hope my book “Dancing Around the Chaos” continues reaching more people.

I look forward to what comes next and pray that God will use me for His purpose, that He will show me how to be a good steward of my time and talents.

Blessings, Tracie

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:8

Try to find time to listen…

I wrote Dancing Around the Chaos for those who are on the ALZ journey with loved ones…struggling to figure it out and dreading what the next day will bring…but too exhausted and afraid to think beyond the present. It happens to also be a sweet and tender love story that really happened, whose characters are real people. Find it on Amazon:

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Writing the Book – Sharing the Journey

release day finally arrived for Dancing around the Chaos!

After thinking about this book for years, it’s finally a reality!  It’s hard to believe there is an actual book I can hold.  I hope Mom and Dad would be proud of me.  Even after all these years, I want to please them.  I do know they would like hearing about the people who read their story and what a difference it made in their Alz Journey or even what a difference it made in their commitment to those they love.

In the early days of the disease, when I heard stories of others in later stages, I actually thought…”Well, I know that will never happen.”  Little did I know what the future held; I was very naïve.   Many times along the way, I would remember something a friend had shared with me two or three years prior, and reality would settle in.  We were there; those things were happening.  It was hard, no doubt, but at least I knew others had been down this road.  That gave me comfort.

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Dancing around the Chaos

Dancing around the Chaos is now available for pre-sale on Amazon!


This book is  simply the true story of what happened on the Alz journey with Mom and Dad.

Why did I write the book?

My reasons for writing the book, telling the true story…what really happened are basically:

  • To help others beginning the journey – to share information that may be helpful to them, even if it is hard to tell…and hard to hear.
  • To make it clear to those who don’t understand what Alz is…it is a cruel disease of the brain affecting 5.7 million Americans.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, that number could rise to 14 million by 2050.  It is much more than just forgetting someone’s name; it is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • To share a sweet story of two people who loved each other to the end. Their journey made it possible for others to witness a true, one-of-a kind love story and raised the bar for many.

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The Alzheimer’s Inheritance & Research

Research has been going on behind the Alz scenes for many years.  I had never given much thought to what exactly this means until I read the book, The Inheritance by Niki Kapsambelis.

Auguste Deter was only 50 years old when she met Alois Alzheimer in 1901.  Alzheimer was the first to recognize, after her autopsy, that lesions he found in her brain were linked to what was referred to as the “disease of forgetfulness”.  Most doctors in that field had little interest in his work at the time.  Sadly, he did not live to see his findings proven.  He had, however, laid the groundwork for future generations.

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Still Alice was a game-changer for me

Shortly after I let coworkers know that we were grappling with Alzheimer’s disease in Mom’s life, a friend gave me this book written by Lisa Genova.  Since then, I have read it two times, listened to it on Audible once, bought many copies to give away to others, and I’ve seen the movie!

“Still Alice” is a game-changer

Lisa Genova has a degree in Biopsychology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University, and she is a master storyteller.  She weaves together the account of Alice Howland, a Harvard professor, who finds herself facing a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s at just fifty years old.  From the beginning, Genova allows the reader to walk in Alice’s shoes, experiencing the diagnosis and life afterward, through Alice’s eyes.

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Every Old Crow Thinks Hers is the Blackest

My second son was born 34 years ago today.  I can hardly believe that much time has passed!

He was a beautiful baby with a full head of dark hair, olive skin and perfect features.  I couldn’t take my eyes off him!  I remember telling Mom, “I know he’s my baby and all, but I just really think he’s beautiful!”  Mom smiled and said, “Well, you know…every old crow thinks hers is the blackest.”  I had never heard that saying before, but truer words were never spoken!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repeated those words over these 34 years!

Every old crow thinks hers is the blackest.

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