For several years, my heart’s desire was to write this book.  It’s the true story of my parents’ journey through Alzheimer’s disease.  My hope is that it’s a lifeline to those who are just beginning this journey with their family and friends.  It also happens to be a sweet and tender story about love and commitment.

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“It’s a beautiful, moving love story that will touch your heart. The beautiful story of Joe and Reta’s love made me laugh and moved me to tears.  I could not put it down once I started.  It makes you care about the people and leaves you changed when it’s over.”

“When you are living through the dementia/Alzheimer challenges with someone you love, it is overwhelming.  This book captures the realities of the emotions, good and bad, while allowing you to see the joys and blessings often overlooked.  I couldn’t put the book down and the tender love story of Joe and Reta is beautiful.  A must read for anyone looking for ways to lovingly interact with someone suffering from a memory loss.”

“The book arrived on Friday, and I finished it in two sittings…couldn’t put it down.  It is both painful and stressful on an entire family when a loved one is stricken with Alzheimers and/or dementia, leaving us with the mind first and then with their physical health.  Tracie creates an engaging narrative that made me laugh out loud more than once and then, of course, shed tears for her, her family and for my family as well.  You see, my wife and I are on this same journey with one of our parents now.  One more ‘kudos’ to the author, thank you for all the great tips and reference materials in the afterword.”

Dancing Around the Chaos is the sweet story of the author’s parents who both developed Alzheimer’s and her personal experience of taking care of them.  The book is written in a casual, almost conversation-like style that makes you feel like you are talking to a close friend.”

“I laughed…I cried.  Tracie Bevers did an incredible job of pulling me into this heartbreaking, but beautiful love story.  Not only a love story between husband and wife, but also of a daughter’s devotion to her parents.  Dancing Around the Chaos is a must read for anyone who has a friend or family member facing Alzheimer’s disease.”

“I received this yesterday and read it in one sitting.  Highly recommend it for anyone who is dealing with this disease: a caretaker, family member or friend.  Wonderfully written.  I found it both inspiring and frightening since I now realize that our own experience is only at the halfway point in the book.  A lot lies ahead but this helped me prepare for it.  I too worry about who the same thief that is stealing the memories of my mom and her husband will be searching for next?  What a horrible disease but thank you for sharing such a personal journey.  Many will benefit from it!”

“As Tracie has so eloquently said, ‘Our lives are changed forever when someone we love is claimed by Alzheimer’s disease’.  This book is a much needed and honest appraisal of everyday life for those with Alzheimer’s disease, their families and friends.  But truly, it’s a beautiful love story about Reta and Joe, her parents.  Tracie has poured out her heart and love for them.  In doing so, she has given those of us facing this battle a lifeline and a realization, we do not have to do this alone.  People do need and want to talk about their journey with their loved ones succumbing to the disease.  Thank you Tracie for sharing it all…hurt, love and facts to move forward.”

“Sharing the most intimate of details Dancing Around the Chaos gently wraps its hands around your heart and guides you down a path of love and loss that will provide you perspective and lessons you can apply while navigating the dark and turbulent waters of Alzheimer’s.  It is also a terrific read that may help you reframe the experience you’ve already had with a disease that is a thief in the night.  You’ll warm with a smile, laugh at life’s ironies and cry witnessing profound love in the face of a loss that is experienced by too many.  I strongly recommend you read this account in which Bevers allows us into her compassionate and emotional world so we may emerge strengthened with greater understanding.”

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