More Chaos to Dance Around

    It’s been six months today since the cancer diagnosis…hard to believe that much time has passed.  Cancer brought more chaos for us to dance around.

On the very day “Dancing Around the Chaos” was officially released, May 21, 2018, I was diagnosed with cancer.  A book launch celebration had been planned, readings had been organized, interviews were scheduled, but all were canceled as we grappled with this new reality.  The timing was so incredible to me.  God had allowed me the time to complete the book He had laid on my heart…without being distracted by the cancer already growing in my body.

Dancing Around More Chaos
More Chaos to Dance Around

Most of you know the story about my parents being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and the journey we traveled with them for over a decade.  Along the way, I became passionate about connecting with others on the same hard journey. I wanted to encourage them, share information and basically be a shoulder to lean on.

I began to consider writing a book for these same reasons, and Dancing Around the Chaos became my main focus as I started the process of digging deep into notes, old emails, pictures and that sort of thing.   I saw the book as a tool to reach others who needed encouragement, and this blog became an extension of that effort.


People were reading the book, and as reviews began posting, I was grateful; the book was indeed encouraging others.   I was doing nothing to promote it, and soon after we got the cancer news, I stopped writing blog posts as well.  My mind and heart were full of other matters…more chaos to dance around.

Eventually, I began updating family and friends on my health via Caring Bridge, and it became a blog of sorts for me.  My friend, Jean, recently suggested that I get back to connecting with people on the ALZ journey and perhaps weave in the cancer struggle.  “This is real life…the undeniable seasons of your life…you wrote and published a book about your journey…you now are fighting for your own life.  There are so many caregivers and cancer survivors who could relate to the two circumstances colliding.”  I believe Jean is right about this…this is real life.

So, six months after that diagnosis, I have decided to freshen up this site and get back to blogging.  Posts will likely be sporadic at times, depending on what’s happening on the health front.  I prefer things well organized, planned and scheduled, but maybe that’s not the most important thing at this point.

There are a couple of glitches on the site….parts that aren’t exactly right yet, but I’m okay with moving forward before these snags get worked out.  Within a couple of weeks, I think all will be updated, refreshed and working well.

Thanks for your patience along the way.  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts, questions, and so on.

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Thank you for spending time here.

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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending .”   C. S. Lewis



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  1. You are blessing so many… I think by NOT having all the scheduled interviews etc God is showing how HE is using you and the book… not something you planned and scheduled… I love this !! He is indeed up to some VERY good things, Sweet Tracie !

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